PatzCare Dental Care Gel for Cats & Dogs (50ml & 118ml)

  • Soothe gum infection (gingivitis)

  • Removes plaque

  • Gets rid of tartar

  • Eliminates mouth odors

  • Kind to teeth and gums

  • No side effects

  • No anesthetic risk

  • No chemicals or additives

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PatzCare Dental Care Gel - Chicken Flavor (50ml)
PatzCare Dental Care Gel - Chicken Flavor (118ml)
PatzCare Dental Care Gel - Salmon Flavor (50ml)
PatzCare Dental Care Gel - Salmon Flavor (118ml)

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Dental Care Gel For Cats & Dogs

  • All natural ingredients.
  • Reduce gum irritation, remove plaque and tartar, control bacteria, freshen breath.
  • Contains green tea extract rich in catechins.
  • Gentle on teeth and gums.
  • Specially designed spray nozzle can reach deeper into the mouth.
  • Come with 2 flavors: chicken & salmon.
  • Made in USA.
  • Available in: 50 ml & 118ml

Easy To Use

  • One Week to instantly reduce gum infection and bleeding
  • Three weeks to eliminate years of plaque and tartar build up

Solve 7 Oral Problems with One Bottle

  • Gingivitis: The gap between the teeth and gums is known as the gingival sulcus. Poor oral hygiene causes tartar to build up from organic food debris, bacteria and mineral deposits left on teeth. An increase in tartar and bacteria in the mouth causes the gums to swell and bleed
  • Plaque: Dental plaque is a biofilm that occurs naturally in the teeth. It comes from food debris, dead skin cells in the mouth, saliva and bacteria
  • Tartar: Bits of food debris that are trapped, together with bacteria from saliva gradually turn to plaque and eventually harden to become tartar
  • Bad Breath: 90% of bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene. Bacteria in the teeth and behind the tongue dissolves the protein in food and dead cells to produce volatile sulphur compounds that produce the rancid smell that causes bad breath
  • Damage to teeth and gums: Many oral hygiene products on the market contain chemical ingredients including sorbitol that could cause gradual gastrointestinal problems
  • Side Effects: Many oral care products have added steroids and antibiotics to increase efficacy. Long periods of usage could cause kidney damage and slow poisoning with adverse effects
  • Aesthetic risk: All anesthetics contain defferent levels of risk to the body. In mild cases, this could cause muscle lax, skin rashes, poor bowel movements etc. In serious cases, it could cause permanent damage to blood vessels, internal organs and the nervous system, paralysis and even death
  • No chemicals or additives
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