Did you know that like humans your pet can suffer from arthritis?

There are ways to keep your pet healthy and reducing the risk of degenerative joint disease from affecting your pet.  Provide your pet with natural herbs and remedies such as cartilage supplements and vitamins.

However, if in the unlikely event your pet is affected with degenerative joint disease; many treatments are available so your pet doesn’t need to suffer.  Consult with your veterinarian to assist in controlling and treating this condition. 

Your vet will help you identify the problem area and determine what is causing the problem.  Causes of problems can be as simple as a joint infection which can be treated with antibiotics or excessive weight which your vet can recommend a diet.  If no cure is available for your pet’s arthritis, your vet may suggest other solutions which can help your pet remain active.  This may include acupuncture, hydrotherapy or physical therapy.

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