Cosset Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps Formula Soft Chews for Cats (70pcs)

  • Tailor-made for Cats

  • 7 Key Medical Functions

  • Effective Absorption

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Product features:

  • combines the precious extract of ganorderma spore & cordyceps under high quality refining and purifying production that ensures all essence to be safely preserved
  • formula specially developed for cats’ intestines to ensure your loved ones can completely absorb the active nutrients
  • the ganorderma spore & cordyceps powder marinated into carefully selected natural ingredients from USA, and bake it in a special instrument with low-temperature as soft chews for easy feeding
  • the recipe is compiled with single protein and low calories without any artificial coloring, grain, gluten, ethoxyquin preservatives or any other allergenic substances
  • the star shape of the soft chews is designed to suit the oral structure and chewing habits of cats
  • especially suitable for cats which are over six months old with sensitive digestive system - Made in the USA

Ingredients – Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps (contains not less than 20% polysaccharides)

7 Key Functions

1. Stimulate and adjust immunity, reduce virus infection rate and incidence rate

Intensify the immune system of cats, reduce the chance of virus infection and incidence. Infection is a leading cause of death for cats. Once infected, the virus will remain dormant in the body instead of being eliminated. When the immunity weakens, the virus will be activated again.

2. Adjust the functions of kidney, prevent chronic renal failure

Strengthen the kidney, help the damaged kidney on self-repairing, so as to avoid renal failure or lower urinary tract disease, as well as to alleviate the damage to the kidney due to the intake of antibiotics or other medicine.

3. Fortify the health of heart

Effectively help on blood vessel expansion, lower cholesterol, lipoprotein and triglycerides, restrain the release of fatty acid, so as to keep the appropriate level of blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose. Also, it increases the supply of oxygen to cardiac muscle, reduce the chance of getting heart disease.

4. Strengthen the respiratory system

Suppress histamine and allergies, smooth the trachea, and alleviate sensitive asthma or other respiratory illnesses, such as Bronchiolitis.

5. Adjust metabolism, enhance hair follicles and slow down hair color fading

Regulate and maintain the moisture of skin. Enhance and keep hair healthy and shiny, soothe problems such as hair color fading.

6. Control Diabetes

Replace insulin to promote glucose consumption, improve the symptom of high blood sugar. Protect overweight, senior and ligated male cats from getting Diabetes.

7. Anti-tumor effect

Inhibit the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. Promote the release of hormone which can eliminate cancer cells, meanwhile protect the normal cells, and ensure that they will not be affected by western medicines, chemotherapy and radiation therapy and the corresponding side-effects.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Cosset
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