Farm Food Easy Antlers - Medium (70 - 100g)

  • Clean and 100% completely natural

  • Rich in calcium and other minerals

  • A treat for dogteeth

  • Hypo-allergenic and free of gluten

  • Suitable for puppies, seniors and smaller / picky dogs

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Farm Food Antlers

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  • Sawn Lengthwise so it is easy to get to the marrow inside the antlers
  • Can allow dogs to get used to the taste and principle of deer antlers
  • Suitable for puppies, seniors and smaller / picky dogs
  • Suitable for dogs that are not used to gnawing on deer antlers

Farm Food Antlers® dog chews

  • The natural ‘toothbrush’ for dogs; dog chews made of deer antler: 100% pure, sustainable and a true product of nature. No additives, irresistible, healthy and rich in minerals, to keep your dogs teeth clean, healthy and strong.

Why Farm Food Antlers?

  • Dogs naturally have a strong need to chew on something. They do this because it is the only way they to keep their teeth clean in a natural way. In nature, wolves and other canidae, after a meal, chew on the skin and bones of their prey.
  • Also during mastication endorphins are produced in the brains, these endorphins provide a sense of calm that relaxes your dog.
  • Farm Food Antlers have a nice natural scent that appeals to dogs. Farm Food Antlers are solid and hard. Chewing them is a nice natural activity for your dog. Chewing creates a 'sanding effect' between the teeth of your dog and the bone, causing plaque to be removed. The outside of the antler wears down until the tasty marrow is released, which is a tasty treat in itself!


  • Clean and 100% completely natural
  • Sustainable and animal friendly seasonal product
  • Rich in calcium and other minerals
  • Tough and hard, long lasting and does not splinter
  • No harmful additives or preservatives
  • An attractive scent for the dog
  • Hypo-allergenic and free of gluten
  • A treat for dogteeth
  • Helps to prevent and fight obesity
  • Farm Food Antlers does not get slimy and / or sticky when being chewed on. The latter is especially important for dogs with long hair and / or a beard.
  • Farm Food Antlers is an honest, pure, durable, animal- and environmentally friendly product. Because of this all sizes could not be guaranteed available at all times.

Size Chart:

  • Small: < 75g
  • Medium: 76-150g
  • Large: 151-225g
  • X-Large: 226-320g
  • XX- Large: > 320g
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Farm Food Antlers
Pet Type No
Special Diet No

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