EZYDOG - Cujo Shock Absorbing Dog Leash - Pink Camo 25in

Product Information
Cujo dog leashes are built with 6 inches of shock absorbing stretch
The tight, short stretch gives more control over dogs that pull hard
Shock absorbing design allows movement without hurting you or your dog
Available in 25" or 40" lengths
Comfortable handle gives you optimal control
Available extensions and multi dog couplers
Add 2 Extensions for Tangle-Free Double Dog Walking!
Available colors: Blue, Red, Black, Chocolate, Green Camo, Pink Camo
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The Original Shock Absorbing Dog Leash
Comfortable, secure, short shock absorbing dog leash design lets your dog run, tug, and pull away to their heart's delight while keeping you on your feet.
The First Shock Absorbing Dog Leashes
What sets the EzyDog Cujo dog leash apart from traditional dog leashes is it's shock absorbing durability and control. The firm wakeboarding no-slip handle and short length are engineered to give you great control over your dog while still making it comfortable for both your pet and you. So go ahead and go hike that trail with this dog leash for active dogs! Go for a run or a romp through the park. With a Cujo shock absorbing leash, you know your dog will stay safe and sound.
Find the Perfect Fit
Every dog is different and here at EzyDog it's our mission to find the perfect fit for every dog. The options we offer in length, size, and style are what make our EzyDog dog leashes customizable so you can find exactly what you are looking for at EzyDog.
Add Standard Extensions for additional length, or add a dog leash coupler for dual tangle-free dog walking! Don't forget to add a dog collar or a performance dog harness for your brand-new leash.
More Information
Product Size 25"
Color Pink