Petsist O Airject Sanitiser - My Ject

Petsist O°Airject Sanitiser - My Ject

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Petsist O°Airject - ProJect 1.0

Suitable for indoor, outdoor and in vehicles (30ml/hr)

100-feer environment, recommended to use each session for 30-60 minutes, use 2-4 times per day

Can spray in living room, bedroom, toilet, kitchen, grocery room, cloakroom & in vehicles, effectively destroy bacteria and viruses

Can spray directly on the surface of any object for disinfection (e.g. hands, tableware, clothes, table, chair, book, door knob, keyboard, toilet, leather, toy)

Use in the car for 10-20 minutes

After walking your dog, spray MyJect on pet's fur at a distance of about 5cm. Harmless to skin, easy to use

O° Airject is used for air and surface disinfection purposes to safely and effectively kill 99% of environmental bacteria and virus including including coronavirus, Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimurium and more. can thoroughly and effectively disinfect, sterilize and inhibit bacterial proliferation

Safe for pet

Safe for infants

Safe for pregnant women

Safe for elderly people

Removal of formaldehyde


The study from University of British Columbia in Canada confirms that the effective in destroying Covid-19 without causing any cytotoxic effects on human cultured cells

Certified by CMA Testing confirms that the effective in killing 99% of a wide variety of bacteria in the air on object surface

Avtice Disinfection
O°Airject has the characteristics of actively killing bacteria, creating an ideal aseptic environment. The operation is simple, through a small atomizer, the indoor air, surface of all objects including the air conditioning system can be fully disinfected in 15-30 minutes
O°Airject aerifies in the air and sanitizes everything including books, documents, carpets, blinds, air-conditioners, filters and tools
Antibacterial time
Inhibit bacterial growth for up to 8 hours, long-term protection
Completely destroyed
CIO2 can oxidize the outer layer of protein and destroy the RNA in the virus
Using O°Airject In indoor space
After 30 minutes the bacteria are low in not detectable level, long-acting killing of bacteria and mildew, achieve excellent air quality
Using O°Airject in taxi
The long-acting antibacterial effect on the seat is 99.7%
Using O°Airject in public toilet
10 seconds sterilization toilet seat

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Brand Petsist
Color White

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Petsist O Airject Sanitiser- ProJect 1.0
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