Solid Gold S.E.P (Stop Eating Poop) for Dogs 3.2oz (60 Soft Chews)

Helps prevent dogs from eating their stool

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Many puppies and adult dogs consume stool. Some breeds of dogs, especially terrier breeds were trained to find prey by following the trail of feces.

SEP contains glutamic acid, which when mixed with the stomach acids, causes the stool to taste bitter. SEP needs to be given to the dog whose stool is being consumed; so be sure you are giving it to the right dog. S.E.P. should not be given to cats.

Sometimes dogs will eat stool or grass if they are starved to minerals. This is especially true if you are feeding a food with sugar, such as beet pulp, which ties up the minerals. Solid Gold Seameal with 60 trace minerals may help.

Solid Gold Health Products for Pets is proud to offer our award winning foods and supplements. Our products are all natural, holistic, and do not contain any chemical preservatives.

Protein, Min. 14%
Fat, Min. 2.16%
Fiber, Max. 11%
Moisture, Max. 11.7%

Not for use with cats.


Dicalcium Phosphate, Rice Flour, Glutamic Acid, Peppermint, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Beef Liver, Oil of Parsley, Natural Flavoring

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