Rawhide Express Dog Chews - ChewChips - Chicken Flavor 450g

  • 100% natural beef rawhide
  • Protein-rich
  • Help to fight plaque and tartar
  • Fully digestible
  • No toxic or harmful chemicals
  • Non staining flavors
  • Made in Argentina
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Lennox Rawhide Chews are produced from the tough, inner layer hide of bovine cattle. The first step in the production process is the complete removal of any hair, excess salts or oils. They are rinsed in large vats, with plenty of water, and without any use of harmful or toxic chemicals. Hides are then cut and forwarded to the assembly lines where they are skillfully handcrafted into many different shapes and sizes.

Rawhide Chews flavoring stand out because the flavoring process is completely unique and different from any of the competitors. To prevent easy staining, Lennox does not coat or baste the chew. The proppriety process allows the flavor to penetrate the hide permanently. Flavor and aroma are perfectly combined making the most enjoyable long-lasting treat for your dog.

We maintain strict quality control measures to insure that only the finest quality.

Except for Mini Bone and Chicken Jerky w/ Sweet Potato, all other products are made in Argentina, and flavored in USA.

Product Description

  • Rawhide chews, improve dental health by helping to scrape away plaque, control tartar buildup, and maintain gum health. This diminishes bad breath, keeps teeth whiter, and reduces the risk of potentially serious dental problems.
  • Rawhide chews provide stimulating activity by entertaining your dog for hours and keeping his mind stimulated. This is especially important for older dogs who may not be as active.
  • Rawhide chews satisfy your dog’s innate urge to chew, helping you to avoid destructive chewing behavior from both puppies and adult dogs.
  • Rawhide chews relieve your puppy’s teething pain and stimulate the growth of adult teeth.

100% natural beef rawhide

Product Weight:

Made in Argentina

More Information
Brand Rawhide Express
Flavour Chicken
Pet Type Mini, Small, Medium, Large, Giant, Adult
Special Diet Dental Health
Ingredients 100% natural beef rawhide