Beaphar Bio Band Collar - Mosquito & Insect Repellent (+ Margosa) for Dogs

  • Mosquito & insect Repellent with Margosa
  • Effective for 4 months
  • Water-resistant
  • Suitable for Dogs & Puppies of All Ages including during Pregnancy & Nursing
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Bio Band Plus contains a special blend of essential oil, including Margosa Extract. The special fragrance will last for four months refreshing your pet's coats naturally, without harsh incredients. Insects dislike these ingredients and therefore will not stay inside the pet's coat.

  • The Bio Collar cares for your pet using lemon oils with pleasant odor
  • After fitting the collar, these oils will spread over the skin and throughout the coat of your pet
  • Continuous use of the collar ensures a fresh and hygienic effect
  • Irritated skin will be soothed, reducing itchiness and scratching
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SKU BEA14258
Brand Beaphar