Cosset Lingzhi & Cordyceps formula for Senior Cat (30 Capsules)

  • Anti-aging.
  • Enhance immunity.
  • Effective absorption.
  • No meat & bone meal added.
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Customized for the better health of pets

The Lingzhi & Cordyceps Supplements only for Cats

- According to the clincial proof by veterinarian, the main function of Ganoderma Spore & Cordyceps:

  • 1. Enhance immunity: Enhance immunity significantly and increase the ability to fight diseases.
  • 2. Regulate metabolism and delay aging: Promote the synthesizing ability of DNA. This can increase the division of cell. This will also delay aging by anti-oxidation and avoid the forming of lipid peroxides.
  • 3. Improve kidney funtion: Alleviate the pathological changes of kidney and improve the kidney function. Also alleviate the harm to kidney by toxic material such as antibiotic.
  • 4. Control of diabetes mellitus: It can replace the function of insulin in controlling the release of fatty acid and increase the consumption of glucose. This can regulate blood sugar and diabetes mellitus.
  • 5. Other functions: Improve the memory of brain, improve the frequent urination, reduce the frequent tired condition and calm down the central nervous system.

- Development for Senior Cat

Cosset Ganoderma Spore and Cordyceps formula for Senior Cats uses high quality of Chinese herbs such as Lingzhi from Chang-pai Mountains and Cordyceps from Yunnan. This health formula customizes for intestine absorption, health condition and difficulty in decomposing medicine of senior cats. Supported by efficacy proofs, cat can absorb the medical use of the product. This can help to boost up immunity, delay aging and help the aging cat keep away from diseases.

Cosset ganoderma Spore and Cordyceps formula for Senior Cat is rich in cordycepic acid, polysaccharides, cordycepin, adenosine and triterpenoids etc. Cosset combines the function of both Lingzhi and Cordyceps to strengthen the immunity of cat. Also it can increase the division of cells to delay the aging of the body. It improves short of breath and respiratory system and increases adrenalin. Continuous consumption can help balance the body function of cat, regulate the normal function of all organ and bring health, vigor and longevity to your cat. 

- International GMP approval, no meat & bone meal

- Unique digestive system of cat

Unlike human being and dogs, can cannot transform proten from carbohydrates and fat. So cat needs 2 times more protein than dog. Moreover, unlike kuman being and dog, cat cannot compound Taurine by itself. Besides blindness, lack of Taurine can also lead to heart disease and imbalance of immune system etc. In addition, the digestive system and digestive time are also comparatively short. So, it is not suitable to use dog's Lingzhi and Cordyceps product for cat. Cat is difficult to digest those product and accumulates in the body. This will increase the risk of toxication.

According the unique absorption and body of cat, Cosset investigates and produces the high extract materials for cat's Lingzhi and Cordyceps product. No non-effective ingredients and materials guaranteed. This ensures the effectiveness of the product. Your pets can get sufficient nutrients from Cosset.


  • For maintain good health:
    • 1 capsule daily, consumption in the morning is recommended
  • For cat during convalescence or remedy:
    • 1-2 capsules twice daily, consumption at day & night is recommended
  • For cats with sensitive digestive systems use half the daily for the first 2 weeks
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